Word Tapestries

We are a creative workshop that produces maps based on various cultural topics. Only words are used, highlighting unexpected relationships and hidden connections, affinities, and relationships that were visually inaccessible before the birth of computer graphics, just before the 1990s. This leads to wonder and amazement for those who view our works made of cotton and other materials for the first time. Maps of literature, grammar, philosophy, music, and cross-cutting knowledge to decorate the walls of your everyday space and stimulate the mind. 


“Any fact becomes important when it is connected to another. The connection changes the perspective; it leads you to think that every detail of the world, every voice, every word written or spoken has more than its literal meaning, that it tells us of a Secret..”

-Umberto Eco, from ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’“

Hanging a book of words is always a trap

Hanging one of our book-maps, in cotton or PVC, composed only of words, is a trap. Do you remember the maps that once hung in schools? No one regrets having used them and yet, over time, we have memorized them, nearly by osmosis, without appreciating how small certain words were. Publicity obtains the same results using identical techniques, presenting itself to our indifferent, lazy attention every day. It is daily living with an image that defines its success and absorption. 

A picture reveals
who we are

Hanging a picture is an intimate act. It externalizes a part of us. Pictures speak about us and for us. These hanging books, which show our predilection for certain topics, say a lot about who composed them and who purchased them. Sometimes they evoke memories of our school years. They make who we were and the dreams we had re-emerge. It is well known: We are the books we have read; we are the pictures we have hung.




Hang or give a
custom-made book!

Use our ‘Contact’ page to request specific formats, original colour variations, and different materials. Some works can be personalized..